Wood staining, Montreal, Laval, South shore

Workshop Staining

There is no better time or better condition than to stain your cedar construction prior to building. Treated wood cannot be stained before construction and ipe requires an oil which must be dried on site.

In the case of cedar, we prefer to do the stain before construction for several reasons. First, we can optimize the sanding of the boards, saving time and effort. Then we can cover all the surfaces of the boards that need protection. Also, we don't have to deal with the changing weather, whether it's the sun baking the stain on surface or the humidity making planning difficult. In the shop, the stain can dry at room temperature and thus obtain, in combination with sanding, an ideal absorption rate for maximum performance over time. Lastly, by doing so, we are reducing on site construction time to ensure that your property is occupied for less time while offering a better result.

Existing Structure Staining

We also offer sanding and the application of stain on your existing fence or terrace whether the wood is bare or with an older stain. The approach to an on site stain will depend on several factors, so it is best to exchange photos and information via email before deciding on the best approach and product for your situation.

We do not travel before exchanging as much information as possible by email in order to avoid unnecessary travel. It is often wise to pay for certain tests depending on the situation before deciding on the final intervention plan.

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