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Porcelain Deck Tiles

Porcelain outdoor flooring, porcelain decking

Porcelain deck tiles are Urbain Balcony’s star of the show! Wood deck tiles are better known on the market but the porcelain deck tile, normally reserved for the commercial and institutional market, is now available for your enjoyment at a competitive price while preserving its numerous advantages. Porcelain tiles are installed on pedestals or a plastic grid system.

The porcelain deck tiles offer all the advantages of a paver that’s stain resistant, scratch resistant, frost resistant and low maintenance while being affordable.

  • Available in many colours in the imitated wood tile and imitated stone tiles.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Designed for installation on an existing level surface for quick transformation of a drab surface.
  • Designed for a commercial and residential use.
  • Durability and resistance to fire superior to wood.
  • Strength and impact resistance superior to ceramic.
  • No fading of color.
  • Highly resistant to frost, snow, and heat.
  • Slip resistant surface also stain and scratch resistant.
  • Nominal dimensions: 24" x 24" or 16"x32" or 24"x48"

Wood Imitation

Stone Imitation

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