About us

Urban Balcony is a company specializing in the construction of patios, terraces and balconies founded in 2013 by Gabrielle Larocque. Gabrielle embodies listening, transparency and know-how and is always the one who will take care of your terrace project personally.

From her childhood spent building treehouses with her brother to today, she has always demonstrated mathematical, manual and aesthetic abilities that make the happiness of her customers and the success of Urban Balcony. After studies in landscaping, Gabrielle's natural talent for wood constructions taking over, she founded Urban Balcony in order to create smart, well built spaces and respecting the budget of her customers.

Possessing the RBQ license, the license bond and the appropriate insurance, Urban Balcony offers you peace of mind throughout the construction process. Find out what the RBQ does for you.

At Urban Balcony, we work as much with landscape architects, designers and architects as we do with our clients. Since there is a great diversity of types of projects, there are also several possibilities of courses. No matter which avenue is the most appropriate for your terrace, it is always wise to join us at the embryonic stage of your project to determine a process to suit your situation and your budget. It is often more advantageous for you to entrust us with the design of the project to benefit from our know-how and budget. If plans are to be made, then the mandate is assigned to the appropriate person whether a structural engineer, an architectural technologist or an architect.

We chose to have only one team on the field at a time. Why? To ensure better management, to be entirely devoted during our passage and for the respect of the envisaged dates of work.

Our workers have their own unique journey. Whether they have experience in cabinetmaking, landscaping, construction or carpentry, they are first chosen for their rigor. Our team of workers does just that, build terraces. Their know-how and efficiency is at its peak. We work in teams of two to three workers to ensure better communication, complicity and efficiency on the job site. Gabrielle will also be there throughout the planning and construction process to take care of you and ensure flawless communication.

The duration of a project varies according to the size of the project but in general, it can be expected between 2 and 10 days on site. The first day of work is always the most hectic. Arrival at the scene, meeting of the workers, parking of the trailer, reception of the materials, demolition and removal of the debris, revision of the project with the customers. All of this happens in a matter of hours, but then we proceed to construction one step at a time, keeping you informed of the progress of the project. In the weeks leading up to the project, Urban Balcony will confirm the planned date of the work so that you are ready. The rain can affect our time and the opportunity to work but most of the time we try to find solutions: tents, temporary breaks, workshop work, etc.

The best way to maximize your investment is to entrust your project to Urban Balcony. Why? Because it's the norm at Urban Balcony to save you thousands of dollars. How? There are several methods but you can often go for great savings by the quality of the planning of the terrace and an informed choice on the materials with their advantages and disadvantages. For example, many competitors push a product to maximize their profit without necessarily being appropriate for your taste or budget. Not here. You always have the right information to make the right choices for YOU.

Looking forward to your project!!

Gabrielle Larocque