Horticultural Consultation

We offer the possibility to choose your plants on our projects or to redo your front garden in Montreal with the help of a horticulturist with an impressive track record.

The consultation involves a face-to-face meeting to discuss your tastes and goals and the making of a planting plan by the horticulturist. Marie-Andrée Fillion's expertise is essential for you not only to choose plants that will brighten up your property but also to ensure their beauty and long-term performance by choosing the right cultivar taking into account its location, history, his illnesses, etc.

If you simply want a horticultural consultation to take care of the planting yourself it is possible but it is generally advantageous to hand over the mandate to our landscapers who have the equipment, the experience and the access to the nurseries which will make you easy life.

Marie-Andrée Fillion has more than 20 years of experience as a self-employed horticulturist and 7 years of experience at the Montreal Botanical Garden in addition to having two DECs in arts and crafts. Her artistic sense combines with her love of plants to create unique and harmonious spaces.

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